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Week - 477

Spoofle: Awhh Sweetheart
by caylista
Description: Aw, you shouldn't have! No, really, you shouldn't have-!!

Week - 679

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 1
by caylista
Description: You are here because you have a problem.

Week - 680

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 2
by caylista
Description: Huh. He escaped.

Week - 681

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 3
by caylista
Description: In which Hanso is demoted.

Week - 682

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 4
by caylista
Description: Bilgewater. Best two out of three?

Week - 683

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 5
by caylista
Description: Call it force of habit.

Week - 684

Kleptomaniacs Anonymous- Part 6
by caylista
Description: In which Brynn is at her wit's end, and so is this comic. GOODNIGHT.

Week - 700

Anniversary - Part 1
by caylista
Description: As far as Ten Year Anniversaries go, this one is bound to be interesting...

Week - 701

Anniversary - Part 2
by caylista
Description: There was some slight, completely unintentional miscommunication regarding the guest list.

Week - 702

Anniversary - Part 3
by caylista
Description: Next up on Better Than You: Flash vs. CGI.

Week - 703

Anniversary - Part 4
by caylista
Description: And then I told him I was sorry, but he still insists on banishing me from my own kingdom.

Week - 704

Anniversary - Part 5
by caylista
Description: Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place.

Week - 705

Anniversary - Part 6
by caylista
Description: Tch, peasants.

Week - 706

Anniversary - Part 7
by caylista
Description: Literally ten, chronologically twenty-eight, looks more like seventeen.

Week - 707

Anniversary - Part 8
by caylista
Description: Come for the cake, stay for the motes.

Week - 708

Anniversary - Part 9
by caylista
Description: I'll show you strong supporting-turned-main character in a later plot..

Week - 709

Anniversary- Part 10
by caylista
Description: And Hanso takes the cake! He literally takes the cake...

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