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Week - 302

Goodsigns' Petpetpet Guide
by goodsigns
Description: Ever wonder what petpetpet you want or how to make it attach to your petpet? Look no further! Goodsigns is here to help.

Week - 353

by goodsigns
Description: OMG!!! Free Petpetpets!!!

Week - 357

The Quest For The Lost Desert Paint Brush -Episode 2
by goodsigns
Description: Gwah!! It's so tempting!

Week - 403

by goodsigns
Description: Then again, there are a lot of maybes. Maybe this, maybe that, but nothing's certain.

Week - 405

The Aisha and the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot
by goodsigns

Week - 455

A Day in the Life of a Wadjet
by goodsigns
Description: He just couldn't imagine being warm blooded. It must be horrid!

Week - 455

Artificial Aishas
by goodsigns
Description: Caffeine is a great bedtime snack for your pet! IF your pet is nocturnal...

Week - 458

The Sneeze That Turned Me Baby
by goodsigns
Description: I gasped, gasped again, and sneezed.

Week - 460

The Baking Contest
by goodsigns
Description: Sweets, true to her nickname, loved baking.

Week - 479

Artificial Aishas: Food Fight
by goodsigns
Description: I want to be the Giant Omelette when I grow up!

Week - 485

Artificial Aishas - Bigger is Always Better
by goodsigns
Description: Can you draw me taller?

Week - 486

Faerie Quests
by goodsigns
Description: The next day, the Water Faerie gave me a quest. She wanted a book called Dont Bug Me.

Week - 502

A Darker Shade: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: "It's not my fault you're a badly named puke-yellow Aisha."

Week - 503

A Darker Shade: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: One day, I was adopted.

Week - 504

A Darker Shade: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "Sure," he said. "Lots of people love their pets."

"But you don't?"


Week - 509

Dr Death's Special Interest
by meggey
Description: STOP!

Also by goodsigns!

Week - 574

My Zebie: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: They had small curled horns and fur, with cute dished faces that ended in a soft muzzle.

Week - 575

My Zebie: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: "You don't sell any at all?" I asked.

Victorie looked at me and her smile lessened a little. "No, I'm afraid not."

Week - 576

My Zebie: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "How much is she?" I asked the person at that lot.

"Two million neopoints," he replied, sneering down at me as if he doubted I had that much money.

Week - 578

A Petpet In The Pound: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: I was a female blue Uni, common yet still beautiful. My name is Reroyo195.

Week - 579

A Petpet In The Pound: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: I opened my eyes and blinked at Chris, who was standing over me with a huge smile on his face. "I've got it!" he said. "We should put on a Musical."

Week - 580

A Petpet In The Pound: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "What are you going to name them?" I asked, carefully stroking one of the girl puppies. She nuzzled my hoof blindly and opened her tiny pink mouth in a yawn.

Week - 581

The School Dance
by goodsigns
Description: "School Valentines Dance!" the poster said in a flashy heading. "This Friday. 6 to 9 PM in the cafeteria."

Week - 583

The Winter Gift
by goodsigns
Description: "I... I think someone is out there," Sweets said, and as one they all turned their heads toward the window.

Week - 623

The New Sibling
by goodsigns
Description: She was a strange combination of exotic and horrifying.

Week - 626

by goodsigns
Description: This picture doesn't need to be just beautiful. If I want to win the Beauty Contest, it needs to be fabubeast.

Week - 639

Can I Call You Mom?
by goodsigns
Description: "Something Has Happened! Something Has Happened!" screamed a Chia, waving a flyer in front of the human girl's face.

Week - 641

The Color Yellow: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: Yellow_Cheese_Burger bounced a ball against the wall of the room; it bounced back to him with a comfortable, somewhat satisfying rhythm. He was feeling upset, for no particular reason.

Week - 642

The Color Yellow: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: "Welcome to Faerieland Central School," the Elephante greeted them. "Full name please?"

Week - 643

The Color Yellow: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "My class comes easily to some, and difficult to others. I will always be willing to help you, however, if you should seek help..."

Week - 644

The Color Yellow: Part Four
by goodsigns
Description: Yellow, Zani, Forest and Willy were hanging out in the twin's dorm room. Yellow had unrolled his sleeping bag and was lying on top of it, doing the worksheet Ms. Rofay, the Grey Faerie Critical Thinking teacher, had assigned.

Week - 645

The Color Yellow: Part Five
by goodsigns
Description: Yellow dropped his pencil; it rolled on to the floor, but he didn't notice. He completely lost track of what the English teacher was saying. All of his attention was on the paper in front of him.

Week - 646

The Color Yellow: Part Six
by goodsigns
Description: "If you see her coming down the hallway, we'll have a few seconds to hide."

Week - 642

No Yooyu For You: A Guide To Petpets in Yooyuball
by goodsigns
Description: Don't you wish that you could play Yooyuball year round? You could, if only you could afford a Yooyu.

Week - 648

A Companion For The Count
by goodsigns
Description: "Let's take the short cut through the park back," Lina suggested, eager to get back to their neohome.

Week - 650

A Rainy Day At The Zoo
by goodsigns
Description: Rain pitter-pattered against the roof of the home in Neopia Central. Sulza, the Red Aisha, stared at the drizzling rain. It had been raining all morning...

Week - 652

April Showers
by goodsigns
Description: "Aren't they precious?" Kari said.

Inside the box were several pink baby Faellies...

Week - 653

by goodsigns
Description: As he was applying some purple to the edges of the sky, a Scriblet climbed onto his shoulder, its antennae twitching as it studied the drawing.

Week - 654

Professor Clodbottle's Assistant: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: Professor Milton Clodbottle tweaked his monocle to inspect the Mootix more closely...

Week - 655

Professor Clodbottle's Assistant: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: "My fellow petpetpetiologists, it is with great pleasure that I present to you my latest discovery, made with the help of my assistant, of course."

Week - 656

The Summer Holiday
by goodsigns
Description: "Lina, the AC is out. Again," Philesia, the Mutant Aisha, called.

Week - 657

Chias Aren't Food
by goodsigns
Description: Yellow_Cheese_Burger slumped along the side of the pound wall, doing his best to remain small and inconspicuous.

Week - 658

The Faerie's Blessing
by goodsigns
Description: "Those gingerbread cookies are going to taste delicious," SweetyHeartpteri said to herself...

Week - 659

Mostly Mutant - How To Be Mutant And Fabulous!
by goodsigns
Description: I'm sure you're wondering how a mutant can be as beautiful as I am...

Week - 660

Altador Academy
by goodsigns
Description: The bright, sunny walls of Altador Academy were visible almost instantly. Thunder couldn't seem to keep his eyes away from them.

Week - 661

A Day in the Life of an Aisha
by goodsigns
Description: "One round-trip Uni to the Lost Desert, please," she asked the Gelert at the Transportation Desk.

Week - 662

The Zebie Show
by goodsigns
Description: "Well, I know how much you like Zebies, and I wanted to tell you that there is a Zebie show coming up. I thought you might like to enter your own Zebie."

Week - 663

The New Yooyu
by goodsigns
Description: Slimes the Plushie Slorg waited near the window for his owner, Ed. He could hardly contain his stuffing; once Ed got home, he would be able to play with him!

Week - 675

The End of the Habitariums
by goodsigns
Description: Reroyo195 prodded the Zytch towards the flower. It wiggled its snout in the flower's direction, but otherwise sat still. The Pinchits and Mootix ignored it.

Week - 678

Underappreciated Yooyus
by goodsigns
Description: Do you feel underappreciated? These Yooyus do.

Week - 691

Conspiracy Theory - Is Fyora a Dark Faerie?
by goodsigns
Description: Sure, we all love Queen Fyora. She’s the gracious ruler of Faerieland. She oversees the Faerie Quests that help us pets gain levels and get painted rare colors. She keeps Faerieland running at its prime. But how much do we really know about the Faerie Queen?

Week - 693

The Hidden Tower's Hidden Room
by goodsigns
Description: Yellow_Cheese_Burger was, by all means, a normal Island Aisha. His companion, however, was one of the most powerful and unique beings in all of Neopia: Queen Fyora. He walked quickly alongside Fyora, a clipboard in his hand as he quickly scribbled down the faerie’s instructions.

Week - 695

Edible Sand
by goodsigns
Description: Some things you just don't learn in Neoschool...

Week - 701

Fire-Born: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: Vineti walked along the little forest path, humming to herself as she went. Eventually the trees in front of her parted and she came across her owner, a human girl named Lina. Lina looked up from the book she was reading, startled.

Week - 702

Fire-Born: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: What had happened? Was there a fire? Vineti the Chocolate Aisha looked around the rest of the room, but everything else was normal. She could have sworn something had been burning, and there was ash on her bedcovers.

Week - 703

Fire-Born: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: The group of Neopets and their owner stared at the Blue Peophin who had been caught trying to kidnap Vineti, a Chocolate Aisha. It was the middle of the night, and according to the Peophin, his boss would know if they went to the Chia Police.

“Should I still go?” Kata asked uncertainly. Lina looked at Vineti before answering.

Week - 704

Fire-Born: Part Four
by goodsigns
Description: Fyora flew to a different part of the castle, and Vineti the Chocolate Aisha turned to the guard Aaron. “Right this way, miss,” he said, walking in front of her. She followed him down a long hallway with many doors, finally stopping in front of a gilded set of double doors, smaller than those in the main hall but still impressive. He opened one of them for her. “These are the guest quarters. I’ll be right outside if you need anything.”

Week - 705

Fire-Born: Part Five
by goodsigns
Description: “That’s right, you understand now, don’t you?” Eithne said. She brought the hand with the stick backwards, and then whipped it forward. Vineti flinched, bracing herself for impact, but it never came. She opened her eyes again and saw that the stick was now lit, Eithne looking Smug. “Just as I thought.”

Week - 708

The Silver Lining: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: Philesia had brushed her fur so that is appeared soft and lush, almost covering the pink scales that rose up out of her spine. She had groomed her ears until both of them were shiny, although her left ear had tried to bite the brush a few times. She even had curled the eyelashes that protruded from her one large eye. Finally, looking in the mirror, the Mutant Aisha decided she was ready.

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