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Week - 250

Break Time...
by mryddian
Description: When it's break time in the Battledome...

Art by krispykritter6

Week - 284

Wingoball Victory! Victory?...
by mryddian
Description: ???

Art by krispykritter6

Week - 690

Avatar Error
by krispykritter6
Description: Nooooo!

Idea by: krispykritter6

Art by: dutchese159

Week - 700

Nightmare on Avatar Street
by krispykritter6
Description: Kaboom!

Art by dutchese159

Week - 707

The Neopian Pound - That's No Life
by krispykritter6
Description: This inspired me to begin regularly fostering abandoned neopets and helping them find good homes. The process starts with a search in the pound, where I look at each available pet one by one to determine who most needs my help. Today, I not only help Chias, but pets of all species.

Also by dutchese159

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