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Week - 611

Lost in... Jelly World?
by butterfly7672
Description: For years Neopians everywhere have claimed a certain world doesn't exist.

Week - 624

Random Contest Woes
by butterfly7672
Description: "Our Random Contest entry! You're already finished, aren't you? We had like a week!"

Week - 629

The Thing About Morphing Potions
by butterfly7672
Description: I woke up in the morning feeling slightly groggy. I groaned as I dragged myself out of bed, and immediately collapsed on the floor. I hate mornings...

Week - 630

The Creation Room
by butterfly7672
Description: I remember it like it was yesterday.

Week - 641

by butterfly7672
Description: I had to do the dailies.

Oh no, I thought.

Week - 657

My New Look
by butterfly7672
Description: Why couldn't I see the mirror? Suddenly everything seemed to loom over me, seeming higher than usual. Something was wrong.

Week - 702

A Day in the Life of a Weewoo
by butterfly7672
Description: The blue Kacheek finished the last sentence of the letter, dipping the quill into the ink one more time to sign her name in a flourish. Next to her, Avis, a white Weewoo, dozed in a roomy bird cage, her head tucked under her wing.

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