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Week - 688

Only Time Will Tell
by lugal222
Description: As Prytariel entered Exquisite Ambrosia she gazed at the group sitting in the corner. She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of despair as she realized that that majority of neopets were unaware of their existence but, to be fair, from afar they don’t look like much.

Week - 689

Close Your Eyes and Look to the Skies
by lugal222
Description: “If you close your eyes and look to the skies, you may catch a glance of her.” That was what Ger’s father had always told him anyways.

Week - 690

With a Little Help From My Friends
by lugal222
Description: A continuation of the story "Only Time Will Tell"

Week - 700

A Different Route
by lugal222
Description: Once upon a time, nothing happened. Not a very exciting start to a story is it? That was the problem Ned had. He wanted to write a story that would be the best thing since sliced Neggs, but he had absolutely nothing interesting to say.

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