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Week - 639

The Power of Teamwork
by bha288
Description: Jessica underestimated the plumpies' ability to work together when they were properly motivated.

Also by sarah2396

Week - 642

Nutritious and Delicious!
by bha288
Description: Next time, we’ll go to the giant omelette.

Also by sarah2396

Week - 659

The Very Hungry... Drawer
by sarah2396
Description: Hey, will you get my paints out?

Also by kaddisti

Week - 662

Neopian Starlights
by sarah2396
Description: That star is blinking!

Also by kaddisti

Week - 663

A Lupe's Thoughts!
by sarah2396
Description: Yum.

Week - 664

The Little Schnelly That Could
by sarah2396
Description: What the?

Also by mickey_a94_a39

Week - 671

The Unforgotten Shore
by bha288
Description: Something has happened!

Also by sarah2396

Week - 672

Turmaculus Misadventures
by bha288
Description: Patience is a virtue.

Also by sarah2396

Week - 677

Restocking Woes
by fanlia
Description: Daily struggles in the life of a restocker.

Concept by sarah2396

Week - 695

The Age Old Question
by sarah2396
Description: Which is it?

Also by 69uglygreenwhale

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For the most part.

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