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Week - 683

Stealing the Spotlight
by lizzbear_
Description: Take my avatar!

Idea by new_perspective

Week - 690

The Three Stages of AC
by new_perspective
Description: Let's face it, we all go through them.

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Guide to Guild Success: Part 2
Keeping your members busy and entertained will make the guild bloom quicker"

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A Snow Faerie's Vacation
A slender index finger adorned with bright blue nail polish traced over a map of Neopia. Faerieland, Haunted Woods, Lost Desert, Krawk Island, the different lands seemed to jumble together in an indiscriminate manner in the mind. The owner of the index finger was none other than Taelia, the most well known Snow Faerie in all of Neopia. Her cold gaze fixed upon the giant map that took up the entirety of her desk.

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Impossible Dreams!
Keep on dreaming.

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Kad Dramas
Can I get a refund?

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Flutter: Part One
The only thing I knew for certain is that I am a female Aisha. Well, what about my color? Let me explain. I have pink fur with red stripes and wings more reminiscent of a Carmariller than a faerie Aisha. That’s four colors all in one. How did that happen? I don’t know. I was born that way.

by 77thbigby

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