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Week - 541

Claare Should Be Grateful...
by dewdropzz
Description: The only thing I don't like...

Week - 566

Claare's List Of Underappreciated Neopian Heroes
by dewdropzz
Description: Today I would like to draw attention to these people, with hopes that they'll soon be recognized for what they've done, and continue to do.

Week - 569

Love Builds A Robot
by dewdropzz
Description: All is quiet in Neopia at 6:30 am. It's Sunday morning, the sun is just beginning to rise and at this hour, most Neopians are still asleep. Not you, though.

Week - 576

Half Baked
by dewdropzz
Description: "Nonsense! It's never too cold to swim. As long as you're in an indoor pool."

Week - 578

Ready To Give
by dewdropzz
Description: Couldn't the bad weather have waited until after the Day of Giving?

Week - 586

A Faerie Like Me
by dewdropzz
Description: I couldn't stop thinking about the day I met the famous faerie. Do you remember, diary? It was last summer, shortly after we moved to Meridell....

Week - 588

Claare's Wonderful Things To Do With Neggs
by dewdropzz
Description: What's not to love about the mysterious and incredibly interesting objects with a remarkable resemblance to eggs?

Week - 594

Maeryc and the Wishing Star: Part One
by dewdropzz
Description: Wooden cutlasses clashed. Heavy boots stomped through the late spring snow of Terror Mountain. Captain Fearless, the most notorious seven-year-old pirate in the world, was engaged in a raging battle against his arch nemesis, the dreaded Captain Red Head.

Week - 595

Maeryc and the Wishing Star: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: "It makes sense, I suppose," she thought. "I lived in the sky all my life, and you could see everything from there. But I never saw a petpet that could actually talk to a neopet."

Week - 598

What I Love About Bob: Part One
by dewdropzz
Description: He's Bob the plushie warf, and he's my very own petpet. Seeing as it's Petpet Appreciation Day, I figured it was about time I showed Bob how much I appreciate him.

Week - 599

What I Love About Bob: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: Bob got bored quickly. I actually thought he was asleep, sprawled out there on the grass, until I saw his tail wag, and his ears perk up.

"What do you hear, Bob?"

Week - 602

My Friend the Cupcake Faerie
by dewdropzz
Description: "What in Neopia is a cupcake faerie?"

"A faerie who makes cupcakes, obviously."

Week - 685

Mother's Balloon
by dewdropzz
Description: She jumped for it... That was the day Reyela's life changed.

Week - 686

Mother's Balloon: Part Two
by dewdropzz
Description: The sky was so blue it was blinding. Or perhaps it only seemed that way to a girl whose eyes were not used to seeing colour so vibrant and pure.

Week - 687

Mother's Balloon: Part Three
by dewdropzz
Description: Reyela hoped she didn't make the wrong decision by calling out to the Kougra. She had acted so impetuously. What would she say when the Kougra asked where she had come from?

Week - 688

Mother's Balloon: Part Four
by dewdropzz
Description: The walk to the barn from the Worthington's house was quite a long one, down a winding dirt path, over hills and past the corn field. For as long as the journey was, it could never be long enough for the scarlet Draik who knew that her worst nightmare was waiting for her at the end of the road.

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