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Week - 608

by rocksockgirl95
Description: Wait... what happened in his fishing comic?

Week - 609

(IN)SANE- Battle Lemon
by rocksockgirl95
Description: Usul Lemon Bomb, soon you will be beaten...

Week - 610

(IN)SANE- Neocola
by rocksockgirl95
Description: Okay, if everything you read in Neopia vanishes into smoke, how do you know what to buy?

Week - 614

(IN)SANE- Spooky Food Eating Contest
by rocksockgirl95
Description: Kiwi thought it was spooky food, not GROSS food.

Week - 616

(IN)SANE- Underwater Fishing
by rocksockgirl95
Description: 151, to be exact.

Week - 617

(IN)SANE- Coltzan's Shrine
by rocksockgirl95
Description: Coltzan, powerful King of granting higher stats, items, treasures, and riches, summons the great... scamander.

Week - 619

(IN)SANE- School Supplies
by rocksockgirl95
Description: WUT.

Week - 668

(IN)SANE- Tica
by rocksockgirl95
Description: Girls don't like it when you call 'em "Girly."

Week - 687

(IN)SANE- Altador Cup
by rocksockgirl95
Description: Goooo Darigan!

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