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Week - 660

The Warrior Princess
by purplbrooke
Description: Many don't know of the small kingdom that lies in the shadow of the mountain that is Shenkuu.

Week - 663

The Warrior Princess: Finding Light
by purplbrooke
Description: She wasn't always a traveling ninja. She was once the princess of a small kingdom...

Week - 684

The Warrior Princess: Gathering Her Army
by purplbrooke
Description: Princess Clarity Ryan was from a small kingdom called Alkuu...

Week - 687

The Warrior Princess: The War for Alkuu
by purplbrooke
Description: Princess Clarity looked around as she walked through what used to be her home. The village houses were in shambles and the only plant life was the forbidden forest. Clarity sighed. It was the dead of the night and everyone was asleep. Clarity and her friends were walking in the village to see if any of the villagers would join their cause of defeating that horrid witch, Mara.

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