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Week - 664

Full Moon: Part One
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: Furrowing his brow, Res desperately considered his options. If there was anything he had learned during his brief stint as a guard, it was that green flashes of light and copious amounts of smoke were never a good sign.

Week - 665

Full Moon: Part Two
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: "Since none of us know where we are, this is a survival situation and will be treated as such. I have been appointed leader."

Week - 666

Full Moon: Part Three
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: "Where are we?"

Seisan gave Res a searching look, as if the question was too stupid to answer. "In an alternate dimension, of course."

Week - 667

Full Moon: Part Four
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: "I think it's related to the spell's potency," Aber interjected. "When it gets to zero-"

"We either get vaporised or released," Galadorith snapped...

Week - 668

Full Moon: Part Five
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: How could we have been so stupid? Res kicked himself as he edged towards the only source of light in the room, a barred window that was too small for even the tiniest yullie to fit through.

Week - 669

Full Moon: Part Six
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: The dizzying heights of the top floor taunted Res as he tightened his grip on the crumbling facade of the tower. He dared not look at the ground below...

Week - 672

Shadow Gulch
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: It is early July when the relentless glow of summer falls upon this contemptible place.

Week - 676

How to Write About a Supervillain... and Survive
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: This article was written with the purpose of enlightening all writers about the most tactful way to manage this sensitive topic, as well as an overview of the potential consequences for offending a supervillain.

Week - 680

Keeping It Simple: A Guide to Round Table Poker
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: This guide will show you an easy strategy that can earn you a nice new trophy for your lookup!

Week - 681

Choosing an Electric Guitar For Your Neopet
by xxskyisfallingxx
Description: If your Neopet has been bugging you to buy them an electric guitar, this countdown should help you to decide which one is right for them.

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