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Week - 501

PPL: The Top Five Under-appreciated Petpets
by kadface
Description: Is it time *you* adopted a new Petpet?

Additional content from blackfriar

Week - 506

Spyder Syprise
by blackfriar
Description: A wish too far.

Also by kadface

Week - 509

Grundo Independence Day: The Top Five Grundos
by kadface
Description: *BZZT* All Grundos to the recreation deck, please. Repeat. All Grundos to the recreation deck immediately, please. Thank you.

Week - 551

Neopia - A Quiz
by kadface
Description: How much do you know about the World of Neopia? Take this simple eleven question quiz today and see how you score.

Week - 552

The Legend of the Quiggle Runner
by kadface
Description: Neither feathered arrow nor mud nor distance stays this courier from swift delivery.

Week - 553

Kiko Lake Activities
by kadface
Description: It's Kiko Day! Any Kiko fanatic worth his salt will be visiting the idyllic lake today. But what is there to do?

Week - 559

Bazaar of Wonders
by kadface
Description: As dry and unforgiving as sand. The Desert Scarabs have a strict policy on who they will accept...

Week - 632

by kadface
Description: "This," declared Tomos proudly, "is what we like to call home sweet home."

Bane looked around the grubby room studiously...

Week - 634

A Villein's Best Day
by kadface
Description: One potato, two potato, 100 ton marrow, four potato.

Week - 636

Climb EVERY Mountain!
by kadface
Description: The wind whistled determinedly against the Kyrii, seemingly from all directions at once.

Week - 640

An Unexpected Customer
by kadface
Description: Every day is much the same at The Snowdrift Café. Isn't it?

Week - 647

Concerning Smugglers: Part One
by kadface
Description: It's not easy being a smuggler. Even harder to join them.

Cowritten with whitefriar

Week - 648

Concerning Smugglers: Part Two
by kadface
Description: "Do you think he's still alive?"

"Maybe he be, maybe he be not. Let's check. Pass me that bucket."

Also by whitefriar

Week - 649

Concerning Smugglers: Part Three
by kadface
Description: There was a banging at the door. Kip opened his eyes groggily.

Also by whitefriar

Week - 650

Concerning Smugglers: Part Four
by kadface
Description: The Lost Sail was pitching and rolling. The waves, which had looked so harmless only ten days ago, were now peaking higher than the mast of the ship.

Also by whitefriar

Week - 651

Concerning Smugglers: Part Five
by kadface
Description: The water seemed endless, even though he knew that it couldn't be more than thirty metres deep. Kip felt like he had been swimming for hours, struggling against the current to get close to The King's Sceptre.

Also by whitefriar

Week - 652

Concerning Smugglers: Part Six
by kadface
Description: There was a crash from the other side. It went first black, and then Kip could only see his own shocked face looking back at him. Something was wrong aboard The Lost Sail...

Week - 653

Concerning Smugglers: Part Seven
by kadface
Description: As the scimitar descended, there was the sound of a sharply indrawn breath. Bert's. Then there was only silence.

Also by whitefriar

Week - 655

by kadface
Description: Dear Mr. Snowager,

I am writing to you today to thank you...

Week - 679

by kadface
Description: The stars twinkled and glittered in the distance, shining out into the darkness of space like a lighthouse on the rocks.

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