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Week - 632

Seeking Love: Part One
by fairyxhearts
Description: No one should feel as bad as she clearly did – and especially not on Valentine's Day.

Week - 633

Seeking Love: Part Two
by fairyxhearts
Description: "We passed by just before," the other Acara piped up. "We saw a poster displayed in the window; it seems that someone's Petpet is missing."

Week - 636

The Earth Faerie: Part One
by fairyxhearts
Description: There it was. Briony stopped, gaping, as she took in the sight of Illusen's cottage. She'd never seen a building exist as seamlessly with its surrounds as the earth faerie's home.

Week - 637

The Earth Faerie: Part Two
by fairyxhearts
Description: "Knox was turned into a Mortog!"

Week - 638

by fairyxhearts
Description: A wave of water crashed from nowhere to hit Elyse full in the face. Where had that come from? She blinked droplets from her vision to see two figures bent over in laughter...

Week - 643

The Earth Faerie: Recollections
by fairyxhearts
Description: The earth faerie lifted the mirror to the light.

Week - 647

by fairyxhearts
Description: It was that time of year again.

Week - 651

Stargazer: Part One
by fairyxhearts
Description: A thought could be a powerful thing.

Week - 652

Stargazer: Part Two
by fairyxhearts
Description: Psellia blinked and shook her head. She was seeing stars in more than the one sense.

Week - 653

Stargazer: Part Three
by fairyxhearts
Description: "Go back to sleep, Sepph. It's only dawn."

Azurabel herself wouldn't. She stared at the light streaming in through the window as dawn slowly but surely took hold of the sky.

Week - 654

Stargazer: Part Four
by fairyxhearts
Description: Whether she realised it or not, Azurabel held out hope that something could be done towards the problem plaguing her...

Week - 655

Stargazer: Part Five
by fairyxhearts
Description: "Where are we?" Azurabel puffed the words out over the hammering of her heartbeat. She couldn't decide if she was more relieved or annoyed to see the faerie.

Week - 656

Stargazer: Part Six
by fairyxhearts
Description: One spark was all that was needed.

Week - 657

Stargazer: Part Seven
by fairyxhearts
Description: She'd really done it this time.

Week - 658

Stargazer: Part Eight
by fairyxhearts
Description: Psellia searched Azurabel's face. The faerie Draik's mouth was set in a straight line and her eyes were lit with a similar determination.

Week - 659

by fairyxhearts
Description: From inside her box, the Emerald Queen Usuki Doll could see her owner approaching through the sheet of clear plastic...

Week - 668

Beyond Knowledge
by fairyxhearts
Description: Euan felt dizzy when he closed his beak.

Week - 673

by fairyxhearts
Description: She glanced at the horizon as her hand dropped, noting the vivid rose-gold and indigo above the field, and barely kept herself from sighing a second time. It was getting late, and she would have to stop for good all too soon.

Week - 676

by fairyxhearts
Description: "Friends," Altador said quietly, "we are gathered today to discuss the matter of the Betrayer."

Week - 679

Winter Winds
by fairyxhearts
Description: It wasn't the best time to be outside.

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