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Week - 675

The Kind Granny Hopbobbin
by _biimy
Description: Life is hard for those of us who were not blessed with wealth or loving environments by birth. It has always been.

Week - 677

Life Through the Eyes of a Lab Rat: Part One
by _biimy
Description: She had carefully chosen my name, dreaming that one day I would turn into her pet dream: a faerie Xweetok.

Week - 678

Life Through the Eyes of a Lab Rat: Part Two
by _biimy
Description: After staying so long with Helen, it was hard for me to be alone in the pound again.

Week - 679

Life Through the Eyes of a Lab Rat: Part Three
by _biimy
Description: Things then finally started to get better for me, especially when the laboratory turned me into an orange Hissi...

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