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Week - 560

Misconceptions at the Habitarium
by lockord
Description: Wheee!

Week - 578

Perils & Gold: The Vagabond - Part 1
by lockord
Description: Teeth is delighted to see her brother Viishus return home from his long journey.

Week - 579

Perils & Gold: The Vagabond - part 2
by lockord
Description: Viishus runs into trouble in the Warf Wharf... that is, until someone lends a hand.

Week - 580

Perils & Gold: The Vagabond - part 3
by lockord
Description: Lock, the vagabond, decides to help Viishus out.

Week - 581

Perils & Gold: The Vagabond - part 4
by lockord
Description: Lock gets closer to the family. After some deliberation he decides to leave before he gets too close.

Week - 582

Perils & Gold: The Vagabond - part 5
by lockord
Description: In the end, Lock decides to stay and realizes that having a family isn't so bad.

Week - 628

Some Treasures are Better Left Untouched
by lockord
Description: More adventures to come...

Week - 647

The Mask
by lockord
Description: Have you ever wondered why Lock wears a mask?

Week - 650

Issues with the 650
by lockord
Description: There's a reason why pirates never get into a special Neopian Times issue.

Week - 656

Teeth Finds a Job
by lockord
Description: Every neopet has a place somewhere... it just takes a lot of searching.

Week - 657

False Alarm
by lockord
Description: Another day at Teeth's job ... what could go wrong?

Week - 660

The Uneasy Voyage
by lockord
Description: A great journey begins with the first step...

Week - 675

Perils & Gold: The Wanderer - part 1
by lockord
Description: Following the events of "The Uneasy Voyage". The gang arrives at Mystery Island...

Week - 676

Perils & Gold: The Wanderer - part 2
by lockord
Description: A scaly surprise

Week - 677

Perils & Gold: The Wanderer - Part 3
by lockord
Description: Lock and the gang meet the wanderer.

Week - 678

Perils & Gold: The Wanderer - part 4
by lockord
Description: Lock and the gang realizes that the wanderer is not the true monster... something else is.

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