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Week - 509

Or Something - The Lab Ray
by eevee0011
Description: Whoops!

Week - 529

Fruit Machine Folly
by eevee0011
Description: To get a prize, or not to get a prize, that is the question...

Week - 530

Bitter Aftertaste
by eevee0011
Description: The Razumi was angry.

Art by eevee0011

Week - 625

A Petpet for the Day of Giving
by eevee0011
Description: Shenkuu was covered in snow. Now this wasn't an unusual occurrence. Even though Terror Mountain was the most famous for getting the white, fluffy cold stuff, almost all of the other lands had to experience winter at least once a year.

Week - 674

A Petpet for the Day of Giving
by eevee0011
Description: "GO AWAY!" A large shovel flew over Tony's head, and she shrieked, ducking behind a large bush.

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