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Week - 657

A Veritable Cornucopia of Options
by neuroticat42
Description: A list of ten backgrounds (both neopoint and NeoCash) suitable for these friendly fruit.

Week - 662

Getting Ready to Go Back to Neoschool
by neuroticat42
Description: As summer draws to its end, it is time to begin thinking about getting young Neopets ready to return to Neoschool.

Week - 665

Tricks are Treats: Setting the Scene
by neuroticat42
Description: One of the most important parts of a customization is the background.

Week - 666

Tricks are Treats: Show Me the Candy
by neuroticat42
Description: Every Neopet knows the most important thing about Halloween is the candy.

Week - 667

Tricks are Treats: Last Minute Style
by neuroticat42
Description: This article is for Neopians who want to engage in Halloween activities but haven't had the time or energy to plan.

Week - 669

Bashful Babaas
by neuroticat42
Description: The task of helping your Neopet choose the perfect petpet is never an easy one and a variety of factors must be taken into account before settling on your Neopet's perfect companion.

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