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Week - 653

How To Survive Krawk Island & Live to Tell the Tale
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: For the adventurer in you!

Week - 663

The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part One
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: Sometimes it's not about the destination, it's about the journey!

Week - 664

The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part Two
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: "Now is not the time to be meticulous! I greet the guest; you make sure everything is in order!" Dr Wesley marched towards the exit and ran downstairs.

Week - 665

The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part Three
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: "Now... where did I put it... it was right here last time I looked at it..." he mumbled to himself as they approached the vessel destined to take them to the Lost Desert.

Vivian rolled her eyes as he checked all his pockets.

Week - 666

The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part Four
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: Splatter. Cough. Sneeze.

"Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?"

Week - 667

The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part Five
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: "Know them?" he said. "One of them is like a sister to me, and the other is the bravest shop assistant I have ever met."

Week - 668

The Expedition of Walter Wesley: Part Six
by 2_andromeda_8
Description: She reached inside her cardigan pocket and pulled out an ancient piece of parchment.

It clearly was a map.

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