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Week - 634

Jhudora's Biggest Fan
by dogz_rock_98
Description: "I need to think of a better name."

"What for?"

"Me. Something that Jhudora would approve of. Grace is too... sweet sounding."

Week - 654

The Resistance
by dogz_rock_98
Description: "This is a drill. Please go to the nearest supervised classroom immediately," the pre-recorded voice on the PA system suddenly blared obnoxiously.

Week - 662

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Part One
by dogz_rock_98
Description: "Another one of those street urchins tried to steal my Neopoints again. I got them back though, like I usually do." Sierra sighed.

Week - 663

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Part Two
by dogz_rock_98
Description: Sierra took a deep breath. "I'm joining... the Sway."

Week - 664

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Part Three
by dogz_rock_98
Description: This letter has been delivered to inform you that you have been accepted into my clandestine league, the Sway. The new member initiation meeting shall be held tonight at 6 o'clock...

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