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Week - 311

The Imperial Exam
by nativsis
Description: "Spell..." The Kacheek narrowed his eyes as he peered through his tiny glasses. "... linguine." The Chia made a choking sound, but nodded...

Week - 327

Dueling Quills: Usuki vs. Quiguki
by yoyote
Description: "Usuki are so disgustingly pink and girly! I may be a girl but I can't stand that pinkness! Quiguki are so much better."

Also by nativsis

Week - 336

Unadventurous Adventures: Neoschool Begins
by nativsis
Description: Teacher's Pet

Script by water_park1993

Week - 350

Hey, Hey, Are You Ready?
by nativsis
Description: "Tired, Mal?" Mom joked, obviously knowing the answer...

Week - 369

The Babysitter's Orchard
by nativsis
Description: "Where are we going? You said something about a juppie orchard in the neomail?"

Week - 382

True Neopia
by nativsis
Description: Why did everything have to change?

Week - 400

by nativsis
Description: I like to stare at shoes. It's always been one of my fancies, looking at all of the plastic, the leather, the cotton I could never have.

Week - 592

by nativsis
Description: I got the test back and I stared long, hard, forcefully, as if to scare the grade off the paper.

Week - 599

by nativsis
Description: Lana Obukovna was an enigma, to say the least.

Week - 631

The Price of Premium
by nativsis
Description: SPLAT!

Also by parody_ham

Week - 637

The Golden Pet
by nativsis
Description: Another day lay ahead—it was intimidating, almost, to think of all I had planned out the night before.

Week - 650

A Failing Grade
by nativsis
Description: Professor Liza Palida in particular subjected many students to low Cs, Ds, and at one point the dreaded F. Renowned for scathing marginalia and a history devoid of curved grades, the faerie Buzz managed to draw the ire of hundreds of students...

Week - 663

She and the Spectre
by nativsis
Description: For the sixth day in a row she finds herself going to work--why six? Why today, a Saturday, of all days to work?

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