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Week - 575

Christmas Eve Patrol
by microfilariae
Description: Most neopets enjoyed the holiday season because of the goodwill and giving it seemed to inspire in people, but she was more practical... she enjoyed Christmastime because it meant less crime and therefore less work for her and the rest of the guards.

Week - 592

by microfilariae
Description: "I repented for one transgression," the thief said. "But I can never repent for them all, and I do not mean to try."

Week - 597

Of the Fall
by microfilariae
Description: It had been a good long while, Queen Fyora thought sadly, since she'd seen such destruction.

Week - 618

It's Only the Moon
by microfilariae
Description: I saw a Werelupe drinking a zeenana slushie at Trader Vick's. His hair was perfect.

Week - 659

Rise Above
by microfilariae
Description: "Well," the old Scorchio began, frowning, "here we are again, young lady."

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