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Week - 502

A Strong Spirit
by auraichadora
Description: Delma Harrence wasn't always like this, radiant and positive. It wasn't very long ago, before the Altador Cup began, that she was a Zafara down on her luck...

Week - 506

Top Ten Wearables For Babies
by auraichadora
Description: Many users have fallen in love with these adorable pets and now own at least one. However, for customisers such as myself, the challenge comes in dressing them up in the cutest fashions...

Week - 523

The Avinroos' Rooms
by auraichadora
Description: Lulu was just a little agitated. 

No, strike that. She was REALLY agitated.

Week - 524

Top Ten Wearables For Babies - Part Two
by auraichadora
Description: I'm creating a Part Two to my original list, with ten more wearables, both NP and NC, that work well with these adorable Babies.

Week - 535

Top Ten Wearables for Maraquans
by auraichadora
Description: Coming up with the most fitting outfit is a fun and frustrating challenge. However, there are a lot of perfectly themed items.

Week - 537

Top Ten Paint Brush Colors for Customisers
by auraichadora
Description: For some customisers, having the perfect "base color", the color of your pet's skin or fur when they are created, painted, morphed, or zapped, is just as important as the clothes themselves.

Week - 549

Delma's Bet
by auraichadora
Description: Not many people knew this, but there was always a bit of an extra-secret rivalry between Darigan Citadel and Faerieland during the Altador Cup.

Week - 551

Top Ten "Must Have" Shoes For Your Closet
by auraichadora
Description: Slippers, sandals, tennis shoes, flats... let's face it. Our closets are full of every kind of shoes available...

Week - 577

Top Eleven Budget-Friendly and Versatile Backgrounds
by auraichadora
Description: Backgrounds are universal and can be fitting any number of outfits. And the best part is? There's so many of these backgrounds that are very budget-friendly, even free!

Week - 608

Top 12 Items for Arts-tastic Customisation
by auraichadora
Description: Sometimes I like to dress my girls in fashions that can reflect and inspire my love for reading, writing, and the arts.

Week - 643

The Story of Zaira
by auraichadora
Description: "Two days to go before the Festival of Neggs, and here she is sleeping away," the green-haired Faerie muttered.

Week - 650

Top Ten "Essential" Wigs for Your Closet
by auraichadora
Description: Top ten essential wigs that should be in your closet.

Week - 655

Top Ten Wearables for Babies - Part Three
by auraichadora
Description: With so many wearables being released, both NP and NC, there's so many more options to dress up these little cuties!

Week - 656

Raising The Spirit
by auraichadora
Description: Of course, their low placing received more than a cheap medal but also the ridicule and pity from the fans and other team members, and the Faerie Zafara was frustrated at it all.

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