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Week - 323

How to Find the Perfect Gift
by shadow717
Description: Simply read through the following steps, take notes as needed, and then set out into the wilds of the shopping world, armed with the knowledge you need to find It: the Perfect Gift.

Week - 355

Ten Things You Should NEVER Say In Neopia
by shadow717
Description: We've all been there before, right? Said something and then thought "Oh no, I really shouldn't have said that..."

Week - 398

The Un-athletic Pet's Guide to Surviving the AC
by shadow717
Description: With Neopia fully in the grip of Altador Cup Fever (henceforth known as "ACF"), nearly every pet is outdoors practicing their moves or indoors cheering on their team.

Week - 654

Making Your Choice: Team Villain or Team HERO!
by shadow717
Description: The top six reasons why you should in fact resist temptation, fancy Neocash outfits, and the Meepits' evil stares in order to follow the path of the Hero!

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