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Week - 503

What Really Happened...
by rainfable
Description: Krawk Island... eaten.

Week - 527

Grayscale: Hibernation - Who Can Resist Free Things?
by rainfable
Description: The many different reactions...

Idea by remshinigami

Week - 531

Grayscale: Happens Every Time #4 - Surfing the Pound
by rainfable
Description: What do you imagine?

Week - 532

Grayscale: Happens Every Time #5 - Deflation
by rainfable
Description: And once you buy it... it deflates.

Week - 650

Cheesy Puns
by rainfable
Description: The daughter of King Kelpbeard announces that these puns are good enough for the Neopian Time's 650th Issue!

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