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Week - 593

Scorto's Adventures: Me Hearties!
by john3637881
Description: Scorto and Blumu try to understand what a pirate is saying them in the premier of Scorto's Adventures.

Week - 596

Scorto's Adventures: Meerca Sweeper
by john3637881
Description: Some games were just never meant to be combined.

Week - 598

Scorto's Adventures: Altador Cup Cost
by john3637881
Description: Some fans are willing to sacrifice anything to go to a game of Yooyuball...

Week - 600

Scorto's Adventures: Kitchen Quest Catastrophe
by john3637881
Description: It was about time the Kitchen Quest Flotsam got a lesson for all the terrible rewards he's given out...

Week - 640

Scorto's Adventures: Never Insult an Enemy
by john3637881
Description: Scorto encounters an old enemy and Blumu learns an important lesson in the return of Scorto's Adventures.

Week - 642

Scorto's Adventures: Blumarescue, Part 1
by john3637881
Description: The Gelert Doctor gets a change from his usual day of dealing with Neopian diseases...

Week - 647

Scorto's Adventures: Blumarescue, Part 2
by john3637881
Description: The Healing Springs Faerie is the next Neopian to be rather unhelpful in the effort to turn Blumu back to normal...

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