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Week - 537

Spotted Gelerts - The Origin
by hideri
Description: Many people wonder why Spotted Gelerts look different from the other spotted pets- Well...

Week - 556

Paintbrushes Are Cheaper, Though
by hideri
Description: Comparing real life and neopets- Neopets life does seem easier, though, right?

Script by neesboy

Week - 566

We heard you like pets...
by hideri
Description: so TNT gave your pet a pet so you can play with your pet while you play with your pet!

Week - 571

by hideri
Description: Some Neopets are asking why there are o many new neo-buddies on their accounts. What could be going on?

Week - 572

Plushie Difficulties
by hideri
Description: No one tells you how hard it is to be a plushie! We're NOT toys!

Concept by buri_guri

Week - 574

When a Neopet Visits the Real World
by hideri
Description: No actual neopet was harmed during the making of this comic; the visitant is now fine and back on Neopets.

Week - 576

Heights and Weights
by hideri
Description: That time when you compare the heights and weights of two pets and you realized it just doesn't make any sense!

Week - 592

It's Mortog Time!
by hideri
Description: Mortogs are getting dangerous, guys. Be careful.

Week - 645

What Really Happens in the Kadoatery
by hideri
Description: Feeding kadoaties is a form of art.

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