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Week - 418

Coltzan's Midnight Guests
by coookie18471
Description: "How do we know where the shadow is taking us? What if it's leading us to those horrible traps that are put in shrines like these?"

Also by kewtiepiexx

Week - 445

The Storm
by coookie18471
Description: Khaytra sighed. "Maybe two hours, I'll say," he said. "It's been rising faster today than last night."

Also by kewtiepiexx

Week - 575

What To Do With Holiday Snowballs Without Neocash
by coookie18471
Description: 1. Finally get the top score in Snow Wars.

Week - 644

A Heart of Gold
by coookie18471
Description: It was nearly time. The whole of Lutari Island was abuzz with the excitement. One more day!

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