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Week - 395

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: Cloudgazing

Week - 409

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: What in Neopia?

Week - 609

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: Trip to the Adoption Agency!

Week - 611

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: Creativity at its best.

Week - 617

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: Looking cute, feeling cute!

Week - 619

Aisha Soup: Snack Time
by the_shii
Description: You'd think they were zombie Aishas.

Week - 620

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: There's always tomorrow.

Week - 621

Aisha Soup: Happy Birthday!
by the_shii
Description: Looking forward to another great year, Neopets!

Week - 622

Aisha Soup: Turmy Time Part 1
by the_shii
Description: Turmy is awake!!

Week - 623

Aisha Soup: Turmy Time Part 2
by the_shii
Description: I... I think he's scared...

Week - 625

Aisha Soup
by the_shii
Description: I love borovan on days like this.

Idea by fuzzykit12

Week - 627

Aisha Soup: How to NOT Lose NP
by the_shii
Description: How to explore the Haunted Woods without losing any neopoints!

Week - 639

The Dark Star: Part I
by the_shii
Description: Introducing Sin, the mechanic and Vamon, the captain.

Week - 640

Dark Star: Part II
by the_shii
Description: Introducing Zeypherr, the medic.

Week - 641

The Dark Star: Part III
by the_shii
Description: Introducing Silvermoore, the first mate!

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