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Week - 204

Conquering Qwerty: a Typing Terror Guide
by incheesuswetrust
Description: But after a few tries I realized that typing fast wasn’t the only skill you needed to be good at this game. At the end of each round, bonus points are awarded for how accurate you are for that particular level.

Week - 253

Ditching Insidious Gifs: Overcoming Avatar Addiction
by incheesuswetrust
Description: You have to be good at EVERYTHING on the site to even begin collecting. Games, restocking, having a lot of money (4 stamp avatars??? No way!), painted pets, expensive items, good battledome pets, and the worst part of most avatars, luck.

Week - 571

Account Improvement: Hey, I Want That!
by incheesuswetrust
Description: One thing is for sure, if you have put forth any effort into your account (young or old) it says a lot about you!

Week - 572

Tasting Bankruptcy: Overcoming Stamp Addiction
by incheesuswetrust
Description: There is yet another dangerous popular trend going on right now. It's called... *whispers* Stamp Collecting.

Week - 641

Clockwork Negg Puzzle Y14: Revisited in Y16
by incheesuswetrust
Description: Remember two years ago when we had a nice little mini plot involving a journal and finding the mysterious clockwork negg?

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