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Week - 587

Dungeon Break
by archetype
Description: In which gruel is served, Cellblock is played, and someone orchestrates an elaborate escape.

Week - 596

PC Archetypes
by marzipan
Description: To the person who doesn't know a single thing about the PC - this is for you. To the weather-beaten PCer, this something written about you; it's time for a seasoned PCer to expose what the PC really is about.

Week - 597

Acquisitions Specialists: Part One
by archetype
Description: From the journals of Brynneth of Brightvale, Captain of the Guard of Her Majesty Faerie Queen Fyora...

Week - 598

Acquisitions Specialists: Part Two
by archetype
Description: Brynn caught up with Hanso at the bottom of the palace steps. "What is wrong with you?" she asked, a little concerned.

Week - 599

Acquisitions Specialists: Part Three
by archetype
Description: Brynn peered out into the empty desert from the Qasalan gates. "Right, the guard said we just keep the sun on our left until we hit the river, and after we cross that we'll be able to see Sakhmet in the distance."

Week - 600

Acquisitions Specialists: Part Four
by archetype
Description: "Hmm, I do recall seeing an object of that description a couple of weeks ago." Princess Amira sat forward on her throne as she addressed Brynn and Hanso...

Week - 601

Acquisitions Specialists: Part Five
by archetype
Description: That night, as Brynn followed Hanso and their new accomplice Darien towards a corner of the Sakhmet palace, she began to think this ridiculous plan of theirs might work after all...

Week - 604

The First Time
by archetype
Description: A prequel to the Battle for Meridell. How did Lord Kass get to where he was?

Week - 615

PC Archetypes 2
by marzipan
Description: With the commercial success (not really) of my previous article, "PC Archetypes", I've realised that there have been a few other, some major, archetypes that I have not included. So here's an extra list, compiled with the archetypes that I feel are noteworthy...

Week - 619

A Story for Lunara
by archetype
Description: "Princess Lunara," he said, surprised to see her here at this time of day. "What can I do for you?"

"Anything, really," Lunara replied. "I just can't make another flower arrangement today. I can't. Please."

Week - 626

Acquisition Specialists - A Vacation of Sorts
by archetype
Description: "Brynn, why are we here?"

Week - 633

The Dream Catcher
by archetype
Description: Sweet dreams...

Week - 638

by archetype
Description: He sees her for the first time from across the market, helmet askew and red hair in disarray, with Florange Jam and Squibble Berry smeared across her tunic.

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