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Week - 594

A Bruce with a Contract
by sirr1ch1
Description: The Bruce sat in the darkest corner, of the darkest inn Mystery Island had to offer. The air was stifling. Being a Bruce, he was more suited for the cooler climate of Terror Mountain, but he always went to wherever his contracts sent him.

Week - 596

Life in the Habitarium: Part One
by sirr1ch1
Description: He had been in his egg for as long as he could remember. Sometimes he would hear sounds on the other side of the shell that surrounded his world, but he had never tried to find out what was out there.

Week - 597

Life in the Habitarium: Part Two
by sirr1ch1
Description: The next day, Snirty went to the storage building to find out what he would be doing. He was determined to improve on his first day and be the best worker he could be.

Week - 633

Lord Luparn and the Colossal Skeith: Part One
by sirr1ch1
Description: In a distant corner of Meridell, a gentle wind blew through the little village of Crokabek's Caw. It was so remote that very little happened there...

Week - 634

Lord Luparn and the Colossal Skeith: Part Two
by sirr1ch1
Description: Sir Cheekalot had followed a trail of reports from the outlaying villages pointing him towards the Skeith. The knight arrived at the village of Turtum Mound one mid-afternoon.

Week - 635

Lord Luparn and the Colossal Skeith: Part Three
by sirr1ch1
Description: Aethia flew high in the sky, her keen eyes searching the ground below her.

Week - 636

Lord Luparn and the Colossal Skeith: Part Four
by sirr1ch1
Description: The Skeith snarled at Luparn, "I have bested many knights. You shall be no different."

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