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Week - 441

The Baby Chronicles - Daycare
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "No, Mama, please! Can't I just stay at home? I'll be fine by myself, honest! No, no no no no no!"

Week - 444

The Truth About Jelly World
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "You know as well as I do that Jelly World is NOT real, so stop trying to find it."

Week - 473

by spirit_wolf589
Description: "Breez, honey, could you go out and see how expensive her cure is? Mushroom Ointment?" Mother asks.

Week - 510

All About: Famous Kougras
by spirit_wolf589
Description: A list of information about the most famous Kougras around.

Week - 541

Letters to Eliana
by spirit_wolf589
Description: These letters were found in a safe inside an abandoned, broken down house in Faerieland...

Week - 545

The Baby Chronicles: A Horror Story
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "What do you want me to do about it?" Jayvion says disinterestedly.

"Entertain me!"

Week - 581

The Evil of Carassa
by spirit_wolf589
Description: The mutant Kougra cringed at the thought of having to tell a bedtime story to his younger sister. His owner had gone out for the night, and neither of his other two siblings were at home. And he had been left alone to watch the baby.

Week - 603

Around Neopia: Altador
by spirit_wolf589
Description: Today, my boss walked into my office and slapped a ticket to Altador down onto my desk. He promptly informed me that I would be traveling to the land of Altador...

Week - 609

The Woes of a Misunderstood Krawken
by spirit_wolf589
Description: He didn't understand why he was hated so. The Krawken only wanted the friendship of another. He had done everything in his power to make new friends...

Week - 635

A Tale of Rohane
by spirit_wolf589
Description: "Hey, guys, shush a moment! This is boring, and I've got an idea! We should reenact the story of Rohane!"

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