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Week - 606

Mistaken Incubation
by ragecandybar
Description: One day a baby Pteri started a Habitarium...

Week - 607

Sweet Teeth 1: Pretty Please
by ragecandybar
Description: I wanna go to a concert!

Week - 609

Sweet Teeth 2: Sleep Tight
by ragecandybar
Description: Ahhhh!!

Week - 612

Let's Go to the Pound!
by ragecandybar
Description: Dr. Death is not amused.

Week - 613

Dinner Time With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Bacon strips and bacon strips

Week - 614

Kad Fishing with Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: They don't even ask for those anymore!

Week - 615

Petpet Sitting With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: You're doing it wrong...

Week - 616

Visiting the Symol Hole With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Not again!

Week - 617

Glumpkin and Balloons
by ragecandybar
Description: And thus, the Plumpy and Balloons was born.

Idea by pudao

Week - 619

The Kadoatery With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Uh... Will I still get a trophy for this?

Idea by pudao

Week - 622

Reading With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Never judge a book by its bacon.

Idea by pudao

Week - 623

Shopping With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Do you have this in a large?

Idea by pudao

Week - 624

Flying With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Just let him have his moment.

Week - 627

Grocery Shopping With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: Clean up on aisle three...

Idea by pudao

Week - 628

Glumpkin is in Grave Danger!
by ragecandybar
Description: Which one of you is the REAL Glumpkin?!

Week - 630

Random Events With Glumpkin
by ragecandybar
Description: I never said his priorities were in order...

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