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Week - 386

Petpet Day
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: "Tomorrow is Petpet Day, where the students are entitled to bring their Petpets to school. Food and toys will be provided for all pets. Don't miss out."

Week - 384

In The Shadows: Part One
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Katerina would never, EVER, run away. He would prove all of those people wrong...

Week - 385

In The Shadows: Part Two
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Marx was baffled. This could not be real! How could his own sister claim she was someone else?

Week - 393

Teleported: Part One
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: "What an adventure this turned out to be."

Week - 394

Teleported: Part Two
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: "You guys don't owe me anything.' Trinity beamed. "This was a gift from me to you."

Week - 395

Teleported: Part Three
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: "Trinity did not run away! Balthazar has her. Hear me? BALTHAZAR. BAL. THA. ZAR."

Week - 400

400th NT Issue Interviews ~ Not Worth the Headache
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Strobe lights magically turn on, accompanied by streamers, confetti, bright lights, and cheesy game show music. Dr. Frank Sloth appears in the doorway...

Week - 406

After the Altador Cup: Part One
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Dasher had acquired the map that told where Altador's long lost treasure was buried...

Week - 407

After the Altador Cup: Part Two
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: "Did we just kidnap Vonde Cayle?" Foltaggio asked, rather surprised.

Week - 408

After the Altador Cup: Part Three
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Mirsha lit up. "Garven! That might be the answer to her spell casting!"

Week - 626

Once a Thief: Part One
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Clanks of swords, muffled shouts, and stomping feet were no more. The chaos of a raid gone horribly wrong was over. But the repercussions had just begun.

Week - 627

Once a Thief: Part Two
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: "Elrique!" A fire Eyrie burst into the dining room, much to the alarm of the guests and servants. The room immediately fell silent, but Elrique calmly set his silverware down...

Week - 628

Once a Thief: Part Three
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Don't show fear. Don't show confidence. Don't show anything for the matter. The phrase spoken by Carson's older brother continued to replay in his mind.

Week - 629

Once a Thief: Part Four
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: Carson paused. "What will be my first assignment?"

"Elrique is briefing us tomorrow," Vaughn answered. "It's going to be a good one."

Week - 630

Once a Thief: Part Five
by crazy_4_sushi
Description: The ironic part of the location of the Defenders of Neopia post in Qasala was that it was a fifteen minute trudge through the desert from Elrique's home.

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