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Week - 622

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part One
by josephinefarine
Description: "What a day," she thought contently as a pair of giggling youngsters hurried past her. Orlitz had finally achieved her dream job—being a field reporter for the Neopian Times, and was flustered by the fact that she could now tackle her very first reporting assignment for the major newspaper...

Week - 623

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Two
by josephinefarine
Description: "Something is deliberately making the petpets disappear?" Orlitz repeated excitedly, scrambling to find her notepad and a pen in the mud.

Week - 624

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Three
by josephinefarine
Description: "Sparta!" Orlitz groaned, pulling a white blanket over her head. At the foot of her bed was a small gruslen. Playfully, he growled, pulling and scratching the covers.

Week - 625

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Four
by josephinefarine
Description: Orlitz ran up to where the figure had been standing moments ago. She illuminated the dense foliage of the jungle with her torchlight, squinting...

Week - 626

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Five
by josephinefarine
Description: Orlitz was anxious to leave for Geraptiku. Set on finding her roommate, Orlitz threw her trench coat over her shoulders, grabbed an umbrella from her closet, and stepped out into the raucous rain.

Week - 627

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Six
by josephinefarine
Description: In a futile attempt to stop the her, Almos tumbled out from behind the bushes after Orlitz and and fell over the Cybunny. The two crashed into the mud, much to the surprise and horror of the three smugglers they had been spying on only moments ago.

Week - 628

Orlitz and the Geraptiku Scandal: Part Seven
by josephinefarine
Description: With the smugglers a good way ahead of them, Iskeen—followed by Orlitz, Almos, Vin, and Sparta—raced up a trail...

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