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Week - 461

Struck by Darkness
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Keiro the Glowing Bruce was strolling confidently along the main street of the Neopian Marketplace on a clear, dark night, with not a fear in the world.

Week - 465

Common Petpets and How to Care for Them
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Petpets need to be cared for and entertained, just as Neopets do, and this task will keep even the smartest Neopet occupied for hours while you are away.

Week - 467

One Spring Day
by burning_shadows_79
Description: FeatheredFairy entered the cafe and took a seat by the window, watching small bugs hopping amongst the spring flowers.

Week - 471

The Kadoatery is Not Enough
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Note: Due to rising complaints...

Week - 480

The Kadoatery is Not Enough - Part 2
by burning_shadows_79
Description: The Meepits may have won our last battle...

Week - 481

Little Critters
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Do you ever get the feeling...

Week - 491

The Kadoatery is Not Enough - Part 3
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Then when I fight back...

Week - 492

More than Just a New Look
by burning_shadows_79
Description: There's no shortage of choice when it comes to giving your pets a makeover - but they may gain more than a snazzy new appearance.

Week - 493

Little Critters - Journey of a Discarded Egg
by burning_shadows_79
Description: A Habitarium comic series

Week - 522

Little Critters - A Dangerous Habitarium
by burning_shadows_79
Description: She needs lots of soldiers.

Week - 564

Rare Petpets and How to Care for Them
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Suppose you're a multi-millionaire, and have the means to spare no expense in providing your Neopet with the very best?

Week - 597

Behind the Scenes of the Altador Cup
by burning_shadows_79
Description: As a new season nears, and the fans begin to get excited, all the teams are busy preparing themselves for the challenges ahead.

Week - 614

The Orbs of Power: Part One
by burning_shadows_79
Description: The island seemed to be waiting for me to explore its secrets...

Week - 615

The Orbs of Power: Part Two
by burning_shadows_79
Description: There were six locations that contained hidden items, and according to the markings on the maps and the stone box, these objects represented fire, water, earth, air, light and darkness.

Week - 616

The Orbs of Power: Part Three
by burning_shadows_79
Description: As the daylight slowly faded, I soared over the mountains, flushed with the success of recovering the Orb of the Sky.

Week - 617

The Orbs of Power: Part Four
by burning_shadows_79
Description: Another storm was descending as I arrived back in Neovia. I was in desperate need of sleep; the testing four-day journey into the Haunted Woods to retrieve the Orb of the Forest had left me exhausted and drained.

Week - 618

The Orbs of Power: Part Five
by burning_shadows_79
Description: As I left the warm tropical waters of Maraqua, I gasped for air. It was strange to adapt to breathing normally again after several days underwater...

Week - 619

The Orbs of Power: Part Six
by burning_shadows_79
Description: As luck would have it, another trading ship was soon to depart for a seaside village not far from Faerieland, where I knew I could make sure of my fitness before continuing to the Lost Desert on the wing...

Week - 620

The Orbs of Power: Part Seven
by burning_shadows_79
Description: I suddenly remembered, shuddering at the thought, that the Darkness map had been the first to be destroyed, the first to break away from the parchment. Was it an omen?

Week - 621

The Orbs of Power: Part Eight
by burning_shadows_79
Description: My jaw fell open, and my heart lurched with shock. At the very moment Fyora had spoken that last sentence, everything seemed to have been turned on its head.

Week - 626

The Initiate Defenders: Part One
by burning_shadows_79
Description: None of them had known each other until a twist of fate brought them together, and none of them truly knew themselves until their lives were turned on their heads.

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