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Week - 502

A Tale of Two Acaras: Part One
by secant
Description: He had everything he could ever need in all of Faerieland, from the gourmet foods set upon his silverware to the endless toys in his gigantic bedroom. Everyone agreed he was indeed blessed by the faeries...

Week - 503

A Tale of Two Acaras: Part Two
by secant
Description: It wasn't until he was thrown into the streets when he realized (from a reflection in a puddle) that he was strangely altered. His usual handsome face was now a ruddy yellow—like that of a peasant...

Week - 504

A Tale of Two Acaras: Part Three
by secant
Description: "I enjoyed today very much, but I miss Meridell," Jo said timidly.

"Nonsense," snapped the Dark Faerie.

Week - 508

Lenny Conundrum Land
by secant
Description: I shut my eyes...

...and opened them again to find myself in an endless grassy meadow by myself. Where was the Lenny?

Week - 509

Prigpants and Swolthy: Hats Off to You!
by rosabellk
Description: We are, after all, the most accomplished pair of tailors in Neovia.

Also by secant

Week - 513

In the Name of Science
by lombre
Description: Calculating is half the battle.

Idea by secant

Week - 518

The Witch and the Mortog: Part One
by secant
Description: Wait, you say you have never heard the story? Surely you remember the story about Edna's curse, and the bewitched Mortog, and the way Vira became unfortunately notorious after...

Week - 519

The Witch and the Mortog: Part Two
by secant
Description: Poor Balthazar and Edna were stunned into silence. They quietly stepped aside, and Vira brazenly stepped in front of the mirror and began primping herself....

Week - 520

The Witch and the Mortog: Part Three
by secant
Description: "I was always different from the other mirrors. I am special, you see."

Week - 521

The Witch and the Mortog: Part Four
by secant
Description: "What—what is happening?" she gasped. 

"You are beautiful now," the mirror answered.

Week - 527

Tip Number One
by secant
Description: Why are you dressed like that?

Week - 546

Escape from Virtupets Station
by secant
Description: Behind every game is a programmer, behind every question there is an answer, and behind every logical statement there is an irrational response...

Also by sammy42004

Week - 592

Deception: A Report Within a Report
by secant
Description: Ah, the fabulous Neopian Times Headquarters. I have safely stationed myself outside the east window on the first floor.

Also by acrossthemultiverse

Week - 625

Family Feud: The Gift Exchange
by secant
Description: 1,870 neopoints. That was all. And 50 of it had been scraped from the sidewalks of Neopia Central.

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