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Week - 485

Escape the Volcano
by asparagation
Description: In this game you fly as Glubgar and guide him through the often thin volcano tunnels, past geysers, fireballs, and scorching rocks, all the while trying to gather valuable gems.

Week - 571

The Discovery of Woodland Creatures
by viperlina
Description: I had just climbed up a rather steep mountain, and on peering down I found the most gorgeous sight! Crystal clear waters, a soft gentle breeze, lush vegetation and abundant sweet scented flowers!

Also by asparagation

Week - 624

How to Tame Edna's Shadow
by asparagation
Description: In this game, it's your task to help Edna and her shadow to collect potion ingredients to escape the dungeons and reunite with each other.

With help from viperlina

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