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Week - 302

Goodsigns' Petpetpet Guide
by goodsigns
Description: Ever wonder what petpetpet you want or how to make it attach to your petpet? Look no further! Goodsigns is here to help.

Week - 353

by goodsigns
Description: OMG!!! Free Petpetpets!!!

Week - 357

The Quest For The Lost Desert Paint Brush -Episode 2
by goodsigns
Description: Gwah!! It's so tempting!

Week - 403

by goodsigns
Description: Then again, there are a lot of maybes. Maybe this, maybe that, but nothing's certain.

Week - 405

The Aisha and the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot
by goodsigns

Week - 455

A Day in the Life of a Wadjet
by goodsigns
Description: He just couldn't imagine being warm blooded. It must be horrid!

Week - 455

Artificial Aishas
by goodsigns
Description: Caffeine is a great bedtime snack for your pet! IF your pet is nocturnal...

Week - 458

The Sneeze That Turned Me Baby
by goodsigns
Description: I gasped, gasped again, and sneezed.

Week - 460

The Baking Contest
by goodsigns
Description: Sweets, true to her nickname, loved baking.

Week - 479

Artificial Aishas: Food Fight
by goodsigns
Description: I want to be the Giant Omelette when I grow up!

Week - 485

Artificial Aishas - Bigger is Always Better
by goodsigns
Description: Can you draw me taller?

Week - 486

Faerie Quests
by goodsigns
Description: The next day, the Water Faerie gave me a quest. She wanted a book called Dont Bug Me.

Week - 502

A Darker Shade: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: "It's not my fault you're a badly named puke-yellow Aisha."

Week - 503

A Darker Shade: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: One day, I was adopted.

Week - 504

A Darker Shade: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "Sure," he said. "Lots of people love their pets."

"But you don't?"


Week - 509

Dr Death's Special Interest
by meggey
Description: STOP!

Also by goodsigns!

Week - 574

My Zebie: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: They had small curled horns and fur, with cute dished faces that ended in a soft muzzle.

Week - 575

My Zebie: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: "You don't sell any at all?" I asked.

Victorie looked at me and her smile lessened a little. "No, I'm afraid not."

Week - 576

My Zebie: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "How much is she?" I asked the person at that lot.

"Two million neopoints," he replied, sneering down at me as if he doubted I had that much money.

Week - 578

A Petpet In The Pound: Part One
by goodsigns
Description: I was a female blue Uni, common yet still beautiful. My name is Reroyo195.

Week - 579

A Petpet In The Pound: Part Two
by goodsigns
Description: I opened my eyes and blinked at Chris, who was standing over me with a huge smile on his face. "I've got it!" he said. "We should put on a Musical."

Week - 580

A Petpet In The Pound: Part Three
by goodsigns
Description: "What are you going to name them?" I asked, carefully stroking one of the girl puppies. She nuzzled my hoof blindly and opened her tiny pink mouth in a yawn.

Week - 581

The School Dance
by goodsigns
Description: "School Valentines Dance!" the poster said in a flashy heading. "This Friday. 6 to 9 PM in the cafeteria."

Week - 583

The Winter Gift
by goodsigns
Description: "I... I think someone is out there," Sweets said, and as one they all turned their heads toward the window.

Week - 623

The New Sibling
by goodsigns
Description: She was a strange combination of exotic and horrifying.

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