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Week - 544

Going Bankrupt
by melina322
Description: Mom bit her lip and held up the envelope. "I guess you gotta learn sometime. We're bankrupt."

Week - 545

The Auction House
by melina322
Description: "You have to keep track of the bids."

Another nod. "Sir, I got it. We went over it yesterday..."

Week - 560

Money Tree
by melina322
Description: "There are people who stand there all day waiting for miracles like that to happen."

Week - 561

Volunteering at the Pound
by melina322
Description: I walked into the large, menacing building. I could see a pink Uni at the counter, writing furiously on something...

Week - 562

Underwater Fishing
by melina322
Description: Ah, Ye Old Fishing Vortex. A great way to enjoy some time out of the house... and also get some free dinner, as my owner said.

Week - 572

Concerts and Explosions
by melina322
Description: If you want to know why we're banned from the Tyrannian Concert Hall, you should read on.

Week - 573

The Geraptiku Temple
by melina322
Description: "Kougra, I really don't think we should do this..." I muttered, taking in the giant temple in front of us.

Week - 584

Sword Fighting
by melina322
Description: "I'm not a guard, Brynn. I don't need to learn how to use those silly steel things!"

Week - 585

One Day Older
by melina322
Description: I'm Nicky, I'm a baby Kougra, and I'm seen as the youngest in my family. Not everyone knows that being the seemingly youngest is hard.

Week - 591

A New Battler
by melina322
Description: I guess the real battledome is my house.

Week - 607

Lost in the Haunted Woods
by melina322
Description: I had gotten angry over the smallest thing...

Week - 612

Cousin Catastrophe
by melina322
Description: It all started on a normal morning. Everyone was up, eating breakfast, rubbing their eyes, Prince and Nicky wrestling on the kitchen floor. Yeah, we're not a normal family.

Week - 616

The Eating Contest
by melina322
Description: "Lil' bro... we're going to have an eating contest!"

Week - 622

Rainy Days
by melina322
Description: The rain pounded hard against the window, the frigid wind howling through the beating of the raindrops. A bored Baby Kougra stared out...

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