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Week - 483

Squids and Such
by thebusterbell
Description: Ever wondered why you never catch anything good while fishing?

Week - 487

Royal Demands
by thebusterbell
Description: Literally a royal pain.

Week - 490

Normal in Neopia
by thebusterbell
Description: There always was something fishy about that Water Faerie...

Week - 502

The Faerie Caverns
by thebusterbell
Description: Confusing caverns are confusing.

Week - 505

The truth about Krawk Island
by thebusterbell
Description: I think we all suspected...

Week - 525

Spyders & Such
by thebusterbell
Description: No, I promise... it was the size of a Skeith.

Week - 556

Woes of a Jelly
by thebusterbell
Description: He was clawing up the furniture...

Week - 557

Fruit Tree
by thebusterbell
Description: The tree was talking, I tell you!

Week - 619

Professional Monster Hunters
by thebusterbell
Description: Calm down, guys, we got this.

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