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Week - 489

I Scream, Adee Screams
by encroached
Description: Alright, Adee.

Week - 555

Hero of Shenkuu: Part One
by encroached
Description: Quite frankly, I don't trust anyone else with the power that I have.

Week - 556

Hero of Shenkuu: Part Two
by encroached
Description: Years and years passed. I spent the beginning of these years researching prophecies and records on Spotted Zafaras, and I sent out a group of trackers to find ones of proper age. None of the Zafaras they discovered were vicious enough to be the Chosen One from the prophecy...

Week - 557

Hero of Shenkuu: Part Three
by encroached
Description: They have the same fear and hatred in their eyes as the rest of my citizens, but it's dulled down because of their paychecks. I smile bitterly.

Week - 558

Hero of Shenkuu: Part Four
by encroached
Description: I want to be able to show my emotions in front of these people, to be amongst them. It's only then that I comprehend what being Empress is supposed to be like.

Week - 603

The Dream Shoppe: Debt
by encroached
Description: Bradley made his way through the misty surroundings. The red Pteri was entirely unfamiliar with the area, and he had no recollection of how he ended up in this particular place.

Week - 615

With Many Faces: Part One
by encroached
Description: "The other way to get around a curse, other than removing it, is to stop it from happening in the first place."

Week - 616

With Many Faces: Part Two
by encroached
Description: I was gone before Marlene could finish wishing me luck. Or rather, she was gone. The room was exactly the same—except the door was closed, and there was no Marlene in sight.

Week - 617

With Many Faces: Part Three
by encroached
Description: I furiously knocked aside potions and brushes that were either too cute or too intimidating. "I'm going to right this, as soon as possible."

Week - 618

With Many Faces: Part Four
by encroached
Description: I can't tell you how I escaped from the wizard, because I don't remember doing it. What I can tell you is this: I used the Time Box to get back, I still had the travel watch, and...

Week - 619

With Many Faces: Part Five
by encroached
Description: We started feeding the King hope. It came in bits and pieces, but we pretended we were closer and closer to the solution...

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