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Week - 599

Two Dozen Black Dresses: Part One
by emblo93
Description: Prigpants and Swolthy, Tailors. The name of the store meant many things to many people: to some, it was a portent of funerals; to others, it was a sign of galas to come. To Marius Finchley, Lackey, it was a harbinger of dreadful tidings...

Week - 600

Two Dozen Black Dresses: Part Two
by emblo93
Description: To run was an impossibility. The idea of running, of fleeing from the scene as fast his short legs would take him was certainly a reality to Marius, but the act itself was as impossible as if he had wished to sprout wings and fly away.

Week - 601

Two Dozen Black Dresses: Part Three
by emblo93
Description: "Sal, it's more than just the dresses! I just know that the Baron's up to something!"

Week - 602

Two Dozen Black Dresses: Part Four
by emblo93
Description: "Yes, he and his Mynci counterpart managed to sew the dresses quite to specification. Although there is a minor matter of a Kyrii apprentice to attend to."

Week - 603

Two Dozen Black Dresses: Part Five
by emblo93
Description: A frightened squawk came from the office followed by a sharp clearing of a throat. These two interjections were followed by a flow of honey oozing through the air. "Mr. Finchley, you're here."

Week - 604

Terror at 20,000,000 Feet
by emblo93
Description: "Please, everyone! I need you to listen to me!" It was no use. The Ogrin would not be heard. As Stale came to this realization, his stomach slowly sank. Something horrible was coming, and he was the only one who knew.

Week - 606

A Letter to the Editor
by emblo93
Description: When I was young, I was told stories of the Sway, as were we all. "Run along, little Aloysius, or the Sway will gobble you up."

Week - 607

He Died A Long Time Ago
by emblo93
Description: The Chia halted at the outermost edge of the forest. The Dark Woods, as they were known, had a reputation for being haunted; pets went in who never came out again, or so the stories went.

Week - 609

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part One
by emblo93
Description: Mephistopheles R. Pufferton was not given to waking up before the sun. He believed that a late riser was a healthy riser, and he argued this point every morning after he had been woken up slightly before luncheon.

Week - 610

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Two
by emblo93
Description: "No, see, that's the thing. I don't want that one. I want the one with the captain of the pirates. You know? The scary Lupe? Remember when he was messing around with Maraqua?"

"...Are you sure you don't mean the one with the attacking pirates? That stamp is quite popular."

Week - 611

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Three
by emblo93
Description: The guests had gone home with nothing on their lips but tales of the previous night's burglary. It was said by at least two gentlemen that Mr. Pufferton had engaged in fisticuffs with the rapscallion and come away with a black eye.

Week - 612

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Four
by emblo93
Description: "There is a clue somewhere within these pages. Something in here is valuable enough to cause a Grarrl to risk several years locked up in some foul dungeon. It is up to us, now, to figure out what it is and where."

Week - 613

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Five
by emblo93
Description: Mr. Pufferton yawned, a deep, gasping noise. It was a foghorn in a mine, echoing and vibrating throughout all the earth. "I am a connoisseur of the mystery novel, that is all."

Week - 614

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Six
by emblo93
Description: "It's very tidy, Puffs, but what about Harlan?"

Week - 615

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Seven
by emblo93
Description: "That must be us leaving port," he noted. "This, then, is the point of no return."

Week - 616

Mr. Pufferton and the Last Magazine: Part Eight
by emblo93
Description: Resolved to rescue his incapacitated master, Argyle set out on a rampage of sorts, happening upon crew members of the Cheesy Pete and defeating them in pugilistic combat.

Week - 616

And Oh! How They Danced
by emblo93
Description: "Find her! He's only got a few more hours..."

Week - 618

The Greatest Trick the World Has Ever Seen
by emblo93
Description: It was, as the banner put it, the 6th Annual Little Babinny Halloween Festival, a time of tricking, treating, and all manner of spooking.

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