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Week - 547

Darkness Comes (Faerieland Falls)
by karen_mckenzie
Description: The Faerieland Guards had been rounding a lot of people up; young and old, local and tourist alike would be found by the blank faced faeries and herded into the high, tower-like dungeons...

Week - 556

Years Ago
by karen_mckenzie
Description: She didn't deserve it. Any of it.

Week - 560

The Lakeside
by karen_mckenzie
Description: Unbeknownst to me, or indeed anyone, today Berry had gone to the shop for a reason other than to barter for sweet goods. She had heard a passing rumour...

Week - 615

Troubled Past - Nox: Part One
by karen_mckenzie
Description: I was born with dark powers that placed me apart.

Week - 616

Troubled Past - Nox: Part Two
by karen_mckenzie
Description: I stayed much longer than I had intended to, because I was using the library again. Necromancer. What was that?

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