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Week - 516

The Luck of the Draw: Grarrl Warrior
by blue_thunder94
Description: 46... 47... 48...

Week - 550

Neoboard Adventures - The Neopian Pound
by blue_thunder94
Description: Seeking DUCKs!!!

Week - 568

The Mansion
by blue_thunder94
Description: "I'm Coleston," he says as he takes a seat in a large winged-back chair, "Welcome to my home." He smiles, showing off every one of his sharp white teeth.

Week - 606

Heroes of the Habitarium: Part One
by blue_thunder94
Description: "Something must be done!" yelled Kei as he burst into the Council's chambers. Seven sets of wise wide eyes looked up at him, startled.

Week - 607

Heroes of the Habitarium: Part Two
by blue_thunder94
Description: "He just... disappeared," muttered Brett. "There wasn't even a flash of light. It was like he just... poof. Evaporated or something. Like the Blue Beasts. No. No, with the Blue Beasts."

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