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Week - 571

A Matter of Perspective
by liouchan
Description: The WORST!

Week - 574

Right back at you
by liouchan
Description: Hey, you!

Week - 593

The Meeting
by liouchan
Description: Just another day at the office.

Week - 594

Unexpected Abilities
by liouchan
Description: While the battle for the Obelisk is raging...

Week - 604

The Old Switcheroo: Part One
by liouchan
Description: Night was falling and the archaeologists were packing up. Now that the Obelisk was sitting in its neatly dug crater, all that was left to do was to clean, sort and pack all the ancient findings which would then be sent to various museums...

Week - 605

The Old Switcheroo: Part Two
by liouchan
Description: "Yo, what's up, my Guildies?" Kanrik called out, giving everyone a peace sign.

His greeting was met with a heavy silence and puzzled stares.

Week - 606

The Old Switcheroo: Part Three
by liouchan
Description: He took a little too long to reply. "I had some errands I wanted to run."

Brynn was getting worried. Hanso wasn't smiling or chattering, and she was starting to think that something bad had happened to put him in such a mood.

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