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Week - 581

Some Bonds are Never Broken
by flames_unleashed
Description: "My feet hurt. Are we there yet?"

Week - 583

First-Time Fisher
by flames_unleashed
Description: First-time fishers, be cautious!

Week - 587

Mystery Sickness
by flames_unleashed
Description: Diseases can be the most awful thing, can't they?

Week - 590

The Royal Reputation: Part One
by flames_unleashed
Description: My family was royal. We ruled a small town near Neopia Central, where there were two kinds of people. The royal, who were rich and snobby, and then there were the peasants.

Week - 591

The Royal Reputation: Part Two
by flames_unleashed
Description: Someone pounded on my door the next morning, and I fully expected it to be Noliona. I was surprised when Mom's voice echoed through the wood.

Week - 592

The Royal Reputation: Part Three
by flames_unleashed
Description: Ding thought about this. "Okay," he finally said. "Can you tell me what's wrong now?"

I looked at him. "No," I said quietly, turning my head away. "I- I can't. It would make everything worse."

Week - 593

The Royal Reputation: Part Four
by flames_unleashed
Description: Mom stared at me angrily, and then turned her gaze to the Lenny. "You may leave now, Gernald. Thank you."

Week - 594

The Royal Reputation: Part Five
by flames_unleashed
Description: "We're going to send you away," Dad started. "To live with your non-royal cousins on Mystery Island, next to the beach and on the edge of the forest."

Week - 595

The Royal Reputation: Part Six
by flames_unleashed
Description: My feet padded softly on the sands of Mystery Island. Night had fallen not too long ago, and the boat sailed away in the dark, never ending ocean. And with it went my only way back to my real home.

Week - 603

Getting a New Color
by flames_unleashed
Description: "Wow, I can't believe I'm getting painted!" I twirled around happily and jumped a little in the air...

Week - 604

Days of Remembering
by flames_unleashed
Description: He pulled his jacket higher up to his neck and kept walking through the dense fog. His large, soft paws padded gently against the rough grey cobblestone street.

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