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Week - 181

Neopia and... Noomoli!
by glitt_
Description: And the winner is...

Week - 218

Pea of DOOM!
by blaqraven9
Description: PHEAR MEEEEEE!

Idea by glitterati21

Week - 278

Neopian Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: Something about risks...

Week - 431

Neopian Tragedies
by fjant
Description: To all of you avatar collectors out there.

Idea by glitt_

Week - 432

Sketch Parade! #01
by glitt_
Description: The comic that refuses to stay dead.

Week - 434

Sketch Parade!
by glitt_
Description: A cautionary tale about the fury of Tahiti Jones...

Week - 469

Neopet Complaints
by glittergirl7000
Description: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Week - 487

The Glittering Visitor
by alt1981black
Description: Una set her basket on the table and went to hang up her hat. When she returned to the kitchen, an astonishing sight met her eyes. The basket was empty!

Week - 496

A Day At The Lab
by glitterrpop
Description: You'll change into something AMAZING!

Idea by oceanologist

Week - 501

Glitter Fashions
by robin_y2k1
Description: Glitter is back in FASHION! Woohoo!

Week - 502

Altador Cup Fanatics
by bananerr
Description: Goooo Darigan!

Idea by glitterrpop

Week - 541

All That Glitters is not Green
by spiderwax
Description: "No one said anything to me about needing to be painted something," the green Skeith replied.

Week - 542

Dinner Is Ready!
by glitterrpop
Description: I'm glad...

Idea by bananerr

Week - 542

5 Ways to Celebrate Cybunny Carnival
by greenglitter
Description: A humorous and intriguing guide on how to make the most of Cybunny Day.

Week - 551

Summer Surprise!
by glitterrpop
Description: Featuring: Faithlen the Aisha!

Idea by x_babifaerie_x

Week - 575

Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: The loveliest tree ever.

Week - 581

Shenkuu Lunar Festival, Not Like Any Other
by greenglitter
Description: The Shenkuu Lunar Festival, based on the Lunar New Year, is such a beautiful event. It should be celebrated annually!

Week - 582

Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: No icklesaurs were harmed. Probably.

Week - 585

Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: Still the coolest, though.

Week - 586

Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: The downside of cuteness.

Week - 590

Sketch Parade~
by glitt_
Description: Your subtlety needs work.

Week - 591

Things Thieves Do When Kanrik Is Away
by glittergirl7000
Description: Without orders they get bored.

Week - 593

Wet Paint - Sock Shenanigans
by glittergirl7000
Description: There's a reason you can't find any socks...

Week - 593

Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: Our winged protectors, everybody.

Week - 594

Wet Paint - Petpets
by glittergirl7000
Description: That Wuzzle just wants a hug!

Week - 596

*Face Palm*
by glitterrpop
Description: Sooo yummy.

Week - 597

*Face Palm* 2
by glitterrpop
Description: Are you using the green crayon?

Week - 597

Wet Paint - Air Faerie
by glittergirl7000
Description: Some faeries are underappreciated.

Week - 597

Glitter Dust Troubles
by kuroge
Description: Look what I got!

Week - 598

*Face Palm* 3
by glitterrpop
Description: Hey!

Idea by bananerr

Week - 599

*Face Palm* 4
by glitterrpop
Description: Your toys are everywhere.

Idea by bananerr

Week - 599

Sketch Parade
by glitt_
Description: Appreciate what you get.

Week - 600

Wet Paint - 600
by glittergirl7000
Description: Meep.

Week - 600

Sketch Parade!!
by glitt_
Description: You guys are jerks.

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