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Week - 522

The Mysterious Case of the Snorkle-napped Snorkle
by creambiskit
Description: "You always get like this when you don't have a case. Nervous."

Also by meowicry123

Week - 592

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Skeith: Part One
by creambiskit
Description: It was a sluggish spring night, the kind that made your skin start to prickle and your mind dream of rain. In the distance, a brown Cybunny walked nervously down the sidewalk before pausing in front of a shabby address.

Also by fuliguline

Week - 593

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Skeith: Part Two
by creambiskit
Description: Twenty minutes later, they were at the door of the bank, Shylock wildly waving pedestrians out of the way as she forged her way to the entrance. A distinguished-looking green Skeith arrested their progress at the door.

Also by fuliguline

Week - 594

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Skeith: Part Three
by creambiskit
Description: It was almost midnight when they reached Neovia. Then again, it always feels like midnight in Neovia, so it didn't make a terrible lot of difference.

Also by fuliguline

Week - 595

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Skeith: Part Four
by creambiskit
Description: "You could imagine how much of a nasty shock it was to me and Theodore when our father told us the news. Here, a beggar, was to become one of the Cyvisham heirs?"

Also by fuliguline

Week - 596

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Skeith: Part Five
by creambiskit
Description: Shylock pulled out her pen. "How long have you been working here, young miss?"

Also by fuliguline

Week - 597

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Skeith: Part Six
by creambiskit
Description: "Oh, what a fool I was!" Sylvette wailed.

Also by fuliguline

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