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Week - 278

Long Lost At Sea
by jjquil
Description: "Oh, really?" Hannah replied unhurriedly, wrinkling her nose in amusement. She paused a few moments to savor the salty spray from the ocean's waves - this was what she lived for...

Week - 282

Torn Loyalties and Broken Promises
by jjquil
Description: It was today, the final day, that had excited murmurs racing throughout the packed crowd. Tensions ran high, for today was the biggest event of all - the hero's exhibition match...

Week - 289

Further Tales of Woe: Part One
by jjquil
Description: What does loneliness mean to you...?

Week - 290

Further Tales of Woe: Part Two
by jjquil
Description: The curse had not affected his mind whatsoever. He was still the same shy, sweet, gentle fellow he had always been - but now he had more reason to be shy and insecure. His appearance...

Week - 291

Further Tales of Woe: Part Three
by jjquil
Description: "Oh, enough with your teasing, Bruno! You said you had something to discuss? If you only came here to play games, I ought to turn you into a Slorg simply for disturbing me..."

Week - 292

Further Tales of Woe: Part Four
by jjquil
Description: The new Sophie he'd seen briefly had been harsh and very defensive. She had aged outside of the cursed fog, and now looked much older than him. The short conversations they'd exchanged when he'd seen her were tense and pointed, often drenched in sarcasm or downright animosity...

Week - 293

Further Tales of Woe: Part Five
by jjquil
Description: Gilly shook her head, sitting on the stone rim of the fountain where she'd first met Reginald. It seemed like such a long time ago, it truly did! He was the tall mysterious stranger that gave her a place to stay...

Week - 294

Further Tales of Woe: Part Six
by jjquil
Description: It was slightly reassuring to Reggie to be able to hold the Slorgclops close, but it kept making those awful snuffling purr noises, which surely attracted more brigands than it deterred...

Week - 295

Further Tales of Woe: Part Seven
by jjquil
Description: All Sophie knew was that Gilly wasn't content messing with just Bruno. Oh no, the conniving Usul had to move on to Reginald, too!

Week - 296

Further Tales of Woe: Part Eight
by jjquil
Description: "Then... you're Bruno's little brother, right?" she continued, not seeing the way Reggie bristled at the mention of his brother. Stiffly, Reggie nodded another agreement...

Week - 302

A Forgotten Memory
by jjquil
Description: The missing link between the Usurper plot and the Curse of Qasala...!

Week - 309

The Top Five Coolest Colours for your Neopet
by jjquil
Description: This guide will show you the top five darkest, creepiest, and coolest Neopets that ever emerged from the Rainbow Pool!

Week - 593

A Tale of Two Bori: Part One
by jjquil
Description: She would never feel safe in the Ice Caves again. She had to leave it all behind.

Week - 594

A Tale of Two Bori: Part Two
by jjquil
Description: The sensation of cold, slowly seeping into his conscious mind, was always the way it started.

Week - 595

A Tale of Two Bori: Part Three
by jjquil
Description: Hesitantly, the white Bori crept forward, parting the stalks of bamboo to take her first look at the Shenkuu citizens.

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